I am a nurse



I hear them cry out, they are in great pain

They need my help, they call my name

I can't stand their suffering, I hate to hear their cries

I feel the need to help, I know I have to try

To ease their pain is what I am trained to do

I listen to their stories and all they have been through

I am so tired of being on my feet

but plenty more to do, I have to change their sheets

I need to make sure they have what they need

this one needs medicine, and that one a book to read

My back begins to ache from lifting them out of bed

I think this ones fevered, I gently touch their head

This one might not make, the pain is just to much

May I reassure them with just a loving touch

I have lost another one,  it's so hard to say goodbye

i have to keep on going, not show the pain in my eyes

Why do I do this, oh why do I care

Why did I pick this job with so many others out there

Because I want to take care of my fellow man

Because I am a nurse, that is who I am


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