I am Photogenic, yes capital P


I am Photogenic, yes capital P
I don't need anyone to tell me that
"You can always be prettier"
Yeah, well who are you to say that? 
A gentle brushing is all I need
My nails don't need laquer - one coat, tops
My eyes aren't smoky or artificial
Contacts? Never heard of them
I color my hair because I want to,
Red to go with my brunette hair
I find it superfluous to follow the latest trend
In fact, I defy them
Short skirts? I'll keep my tee and jeans thank you
I'll pass on the piercings except for the ears
A bracelet is enough of a fashion statement
I don't believe in having a purse for every occasion
Sorry Taylor Swift, cherry lips are fine for you not me
I am Photogenic, yes capital P
Whether you like it or not


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