I am Sarah Riddle

Behind a curtain I am no one

But the person in front of the curtain

I am Sarah Riddle

I am the girl from California

North and South Carolina

And Japan

I am the girl who is vocal about anything and everything

The one who laughs a deep hearty laugh

And doesn’t take anything from anyone

I am the girl who got in school suspension for making my fingers into a gun

And pointing it at someone

The girl has poke wars with strangers

And the one who speeds up when there’s a squirrel in the road

I am the girl who can be found at one in the morning reading a new book

The one who finishes her homework for the night in class

And dances in the rain

I am the girl who those call unique


And an individual

I am the girl that can burp her ABC’s

Can crack almost every joint in her body

And can make the weirdest faces

I am the girl who loves to act


And sing

I am the girl who has straight A’s

But doesn’t make honor roll because of her big mouth

Has friends in almost every clique

And can forget every single one of their names at some point in time

I am the girl who crosses her I’s and dots her T’s

Organizes her book shelve alphabetically by last name right to left

And who can’t keep her room clean

I am the girl who has her own unique clothing style

Takes off her shoes in class

And speaks both English and Sarcasm

I am the girl they call Sarah Riddle

Who does not hide behind the curtain

But instead shines through it



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