I am... Scholarship Slam

I cannot be

(eventually you will tell the world the secret

of how you started as an angel

but as you realized how beautiful sin appeared

you lost your wings and

despite running out of hell

you haven’t found the strength to fly to heaven again

for you were dangerously addicted

to shocking the hell out of people

until you ignored the external shouts

to hear the single whisper in your head

so now you like the aftertaste of memories

as strong as your favorite coffee

but constantly remind yourself that you are more than

the first time they molested you

and gave new meaning to the word “used”;

fortunately you weigh more than the number on the scale

for gravity can’t ground your spirit

even after you failed to purge the life from your stomach

in fear of a number that everybody lies about anyway

in fact you quite enjoy numbers

especially the number of stars in the sky

because they are a part of an unequivocally beautiful universe

and you are a part of that same universe

so you must be important to have the privilege

of sharing life with so many divine stars

see, angels quite belong in space

for your heart pulls toward the moon

then decides it’s too dark

so it flees to the Son and decides it’s too revealing

meanwhile your mind

is still lost in the space

between the place where your heart stopped loving him,

your king whose throne was made of lies,

but regardless it still beats

for your mouth has not yet wreaked the crimes

of love that it has promised to commit

for your thoughts are as numerous as the waves

each one crashing

profoundly and profanely against the sand in your mouth

see the secret you have yet to whisper to willing ears

is that Earth is halfway between heaven and hell;

running feels a lot like flying

and not all angels need their wings)


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My family
My community
Our world
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