I am... Sholarship Slam Poem

Wed, 09/02/2015 - 15:53 -- DBates


Los Angeles, CA
United States

Cold piece of steel on hip, full clip

Got the gloc in grip, ready to spit

bit down on my lip to see if it was real, but I couldn't feel it

So completely without feeling I pulled out to show that I was the real deal with mine

Banged my set, Eastside Rollin 20 Crip!

Let it rip, 3 times, 2 in the back, 1 in his neck,

I'll never forget

checked around for any other threats

I saw an all-black truck comin' around the corner

and I can precisely remember the fret, of lookin' at the object of death, being in a place of regret

So  if you're sitting here today, not afraid of death

looking down the barrel of a gun has a way of changing one's perspective

And it's funny cuz this 9mm looked like an eternity to me

and for a moment I could see, all of me

interrupted by the fact that this was unfortunately my sad reality

it was now my destiny in the hands of another man

who was raised similarly but chose his colors differently

wishing of pity, sympathy or empathy, but that's just silly!

my people warned, "you live by the gun, you'll die by the same piece"

but I couldn't piece that puzzle together of the portrait I created with my own actions

so my only thought, was RUN and RUN and RUN, I did

behind the liquor store, lookin for a quick way to split

thinkin back, it was insane how fast I became,

faster that Usain in his lane at the Olympics

how I Bolt'd and sprinted

it would have been magnificent, but this was a little different

the stage wasn't for a medal, but I was pressing life's gas pedal

and I was simply meddling, pedal to the medal, with endeavors that could determine my forever

But i'm thankful that a good friend interjected and showed me some correction

Cuz if you spare the rod, you spoil the child

and all the while, we're out here in school, singing fight songs to sing a long to

and that's cool...

but it would be wrong if no one showed you, the truth

and that is that we are called to something greater, something higher than we could ever imagine

and with a passion, i'm telling you, 'THAT TIME IS NOW!"

turn ya life around

Comin from where i'm from, that *Click Clack POW* ain't a rap song, and it ain't a game

So there's no tellin when you may end up slain to the ungodly thangs that we continue to let reign, and when it rains, it pours

Wake up! there's no more time for snoring

the life that we're born into continues to be worn into

these spoken words are a warnin' that God is not comin back as the lamb, but he's comin like a lion,

the same one that designed us and defined and gave us time that he doesn't even reside in

is the same One coming back just to show you he wasn't lyin'

Because for our sins, he lye in a tomb, after being hung on the cross by his own people, what they thought was His doom

But nahh, on the 3rd day, He rose before noon, and zoomed up in the clouds, that's the kind of omnipotent power that He can shower down, and can do in the blink of an eye what would take us endless hours

But this sweet gift that Jesus came to give can only be accepted with a couple life changes, and if you have the knowledge, but you're morally non-compliant, you become a hypocrital giant in Defiance

Just ask Olivia Pope for the scope of life changes in the midst of a scandal

you wanna drop back and throw a Hail Mary like Randall

Cunningham, hoping you catch reception on the opposite end of the situation

But you gotta let Jesus be your quarter back decision after decision and when you go from place to place

And it may seem crazy or strange but the wide range of things God can do for you will always sustain, I mean... Wouldn't life be perfect already if it were up to you?

Anyways, that's the part that leaves me in a daze, putting trust in something I can't see

But that right there, ladies and gentleman, is called faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen, that's why they call it a leap, cuz it's jumping blindly into a sea, not completely understanding His divine thinking often leaves us wondering if we're doing the right thing

That's why we have to constantly pray, and not only hear the Word, but do what it says

Because He holds us in the palm of his hands, and "For I know the plans," declares the Lord

And that may be too much to understand, but He loved me even before I did, and I am one of His beautiful creations, and even though my sins have made it a bit more disastrous, this beautiful disaster has manufactured a phenomenal testimony

And because of this I give God all the glory and all the honor and all the praise, all my days, Because my sins are washed away

Jesus did not come for condemnation but for reconciliation and to restore that which was lost, He paid the ultimate cost for me and for you

And yes it's typical for my emotions to get a lil bit overly spiritual, but I gotta give God my praise because my residual individual, which was nothing but disgusting residue, has been made new

Because that's what He do! He makes all things new

So whether you're slangin' and gang bangin' in a group, or grew up in church and believed everything because they tod you to, We've all sinned and Christ died for me and for you, to give us life, eteranally,

But it's never too late, come boldly before His throne and accept His brand new grace and mercy

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