I am Something..

I am Nothing.

Feeling worthless inside

Feeling alone and isolated

Unloved and unappreciated

I want to be heard

I do what I can to be seen

Backfire and backstabbed


Anxiety and depression are what I know

The feeling of my fingers down my throat

Grabbing the white porcelain

Tears fall to the floor

The only thing that makes me feel again



Maybe if I cry loud enough someone will hear

Someone will save me

Nothing comes out

I am alone and suffering and numb

Numb to the pain

What is the point?


A light

A light shines in my eyes

A hand touches my shoulder 

Fingers wipe away the tears

I feel warmth instead of the cold


This light

This light makes me feel loved

This light keeps my fingers out 

This light makes me feel again

This light helps me realize that I am not Nothing

I am Something.



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