I am strong


I am young

But I am not a child

I am free
But I am not reckless
I see the world in tones of grey
Because I know nothing is ever black and white
I have demons
And I'm far from perfect 
So I hold no one to the expectation that they should be
I respect rules
But often give into temptation 
I am safe
But I get scared
The night sky is very big
And at times I feel very small
But there are times when the world's size 
Delights me
Because I know there is a new place
Around every corner 
I take photos to stop time
Capture a moment 
So that I can saturate the colors
To recreate the way I feel
I am curious
I fear I might be a cat
Because everything amazes me
I walk around wide eyed
Euphoric on the way the city lights up at night
The way magic dances in the air on summer nights
I am lucky
But I am not foolish
I know the world has dark corners
But I am hopeful that light will reach them
So who am I?
I am an artist
A writer
A poet
I am strong
I will leave my mark on this earth
And of that,
I am certain


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