For I am strong


    Different individuals say, "its okay, don't be ashamed." But lately and unknown emotion as if im going insane. These emotions are bundled inside, as a major depressed feeling as if im being deprived. I retain to myself, my mind and me, a tortured grin that no soul sees. My friends and family i have no more, a catostrophic pain leaves my heart so sore. The characteristics of my life have changed, feeling im being controlled like im handcuffed in chains. I'm falling like the twin towers, happening by the minutes instead of hours. The super silence everyday, hoping one day i will be saved. i've wrote everything i have to say, but the words tend to rot and fall away. For I am strong, thats how i shall stay. Nobody will get in my way.I am my own person and thats what i will be, not caring what people think of me. I know as I lay me down to sleep, the good Lord has my soul to keep.

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