I am what?

Everywhere there are smoke'n'mirrors, cloaks and masks; whether it's what we wear, or who we portray. People who think they know me say I'm loud and funny; those who don't say I'm quiet and shy; while teachers say I'm brilliant,  but I never understood why. 

Who am I really? No one wants to hear about your issues or insecurities. No one wants hear about my broken soul or bleeding heart. They'd rather ignore the messed up past and forgotten childhood. I am, strong, I am weak, I am curious but yet afraid. I will stand up for what I believe in. I will hide my  tears and broken heart , and as always I will carry on. I will continue believing in big dreams and shooting stars, that's just a part of me. I will continue to amaze those who expect nothing and disappoint who expect everything.

- Be proud of who you are; to have expression is to be expressive.


Need to talk?

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