I am Who I am


What do I see when I look in the mirror?

I used to not know, but now I see clearer.

Some people think all they need are viewers,

But come to find out, I need much, much fewer.


Without all these filters sometimes I feel ugly,

But then I remember, I should always feel lovely.

Some people might say, “You know you’re just cocky”,

But I say to myself, I just feel very lucky.


With out all of my makeup, I feel almost naked,

As if I was a canvas, without being painted.

It depends on the day, some bad and some good,

Sometimes I feel small, and misunderstood.


Some days I feel I could rule the world,

Saying what I feel without sounding absurd.

One day I will speak as if I am full of knowledge,

Other days I might sound like I never went to college.


This is a day in the life of a girl,

Who is taking it day by day, and letting life swirl.

But when all is done, I am just me,

Which is exactly who I want to be.

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