I am wonderwoman! ( narrative poem)

I am wonderwoman! Hear my rambunctious roar as I attack the villain! The villain laughed in my face and told me to look down, I look down, what I found, was doubt and stress bundled at my feet. I scream as the rope of secular standards pull me down dragging me into an alley of stale desire.

 The villain laughs, and it calls to me menacingly, to come attack it again but I struggled against the ropes. I was pulled by the sheer entity of doubt, and confused by life’s consistent gropes. However, I won’t lose hope. My eyes ablaze with new life, the power brews within me.

I am content too claim my victory. My enemy was me. The malicious smile my reflection gives me. I touch the mirror and I stumble in a different galaxy. I was confused by the non-moving stars, and the abyss of darkness swallowing my life form.  I saw my enemy mere inches from me, as it turns around and licks her black lips.

 I was face to face with my doppelganger again, and her powerful stare made my mind slip. She laughed, I screamed, and we are falling deeper into the darkness.  Endlessly we fall. She grabs my throat and squeezes with vehement hatred spewing in her eyes.

Slowly my life was being drained from my body, “come to me.” She called sweetly. I almost drifted into oblivion of the darkness with the voice mocking the ambition towards my dreams, but a switch ignited in me with a passionate force.  “No!” I screamed pushing the evil double standard of me away.

I am wonderwoman! An invisible force shook alive within me, and I wave my hand towards the doppelganger and close my hand crushing her slowly.   She screams and screams, but her body slowly diminishes and finally she bursts into a billion pieces. And it complements the darkness with a burst of color.  

My past died in the darkness, and I found a new self-reflection of me as I float over to my other life form sitting on a moving star. She looked at me and a look of hope gleamed in her eyes as I took her hand. We floated towards a light and we entered a new foundation of ambition.

I stumble back into my life, and stare at the bathroom mirror. There was no malicious smile casted back at me but a warrior in disguise. I smile, and smile victoriously, and victoriously I will smile. I am wonderwoman! I will fight for my life, desire, and with this newfound hope I will strive!



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