I am..."Me"


A quaint aquaintance.
Business 83
United States

If I were a word in a dictionary, I'd be the word that is used most often yet easy to skim over. I am Me. You use Me , but you don't really know who Me is. You invest your entire existence trying to pinpoint who Me is, but only come to the conclusion that Me was someone you either forgot and abandoned, or just a familiar face you see every day. Me has been through a lot in the past years, infinitesimal though they may be in the Improvised Grand Scheme. Me has buried a father and a son before Me could even drive. Me had to go into rehab to keep my mother happy. Me fell in love with the man of my dreams. Me couldn't wait to tell the wife I've been promoted. Me that made a breakthrough and changed modern medicine. I am the Me that took our kids to school. The me that introduced a country to a new drug. The me that created electricity. The me that gathered while the men hunted. The me that took the first step into our genetic leap. I am the Postman, the sales clerk at your local music store, your cousin Timothy's friend, the Bus driver, the first community to colonize a new planet. I am a single link in the ever expanding evolutionary chain of which we see no end. I am Me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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