I Believe

I believe in myself to the fullest extent, but cannot seem to get over the hump that allows me to vent. 
I believe that confidence builds succes, but my confidence has gone and went.
I believe I'm knocking at the doorway of opportunity, but my complex mind is blocking my progress from someone opening the door. 
I believe that I can break the barriers of past discretion, only to find more barriers to hold me back from learning the true lesson.
I believe that the sky is not the limit, but my transportation can never takeoff.
I believe that my brain can be hard sometimes but never seems to be soft. 
I believe in the simple things, like love beauty and passion, even though I can't seem to express these feelings without my emotion lacking.
I believe someone will give me the courage to be brave when I wouldn't have it on my own.
If I had such courage I believe there could be sculptures of me in stone.
I believe one day that I can be great, but pull myself down and continually contemplate.
I believe life in this world will be significant, but not if I can't pull the heavy curtain back and start living it.
My beliefs need to turn into reality for this to happen, but until then the curtain will continue to cover this caption.


Need to talk?

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