I believe in us


Brianna Binger

I Believe in humanity.

Too many times I see people shouting from rooftops that they’ve lost faith in humanity

Just to regain it again in the next hour

Too many times I have heard my friends say “ I do not like people”

What do they expect me to say to that?

Have you excluded yourself; a person, your family, and your friends, like me

Humans tend to exclude themselves  from the human race, breed

Say that society is messed up without knowing the true definition

It is us

We make society and we contribute to it

People tend to forget that by “losing faith in humanity” you are losing faith in yourself

And just because someone did not pick up another’s pencil when they saw it fall

Just to get your faith back again when someone says “please”

And you just regained it? Well why did you drop it so fast to begin with

Like it is some stick that you can just pick it up and put it down

We assume, and presume

But you hardly know what you think you know  

Too many times I have seen people not let the others learn from their mistakes before, they insult them in a pack

Yet mark them off as the voice for a whole race, or a whole gender, or a whole community, or a whole school, or an entire generation

We support these generalizations that make racism and sexism

But somehow it is different

That is how you justify that years late grown men and women just have not learned

Well it is not

I have done it we all have done it

But suddenly we think it is okay

Well it is not

But we feel no guilt not even shame when we meet someone who is exactly not the same

We just pull them aside “Here join my group”

Like we are all truly any different

We love these groups, desire these groups

To make us different

But make us the same, not too much the same  

To make us special

But make us the norm, not too special  

To live we need these groups when we can just live

But we are not all the same, are we?

Humanity can be great things; we can see, smell, hear and feel great things

But we do not believe in ourselves

For what it is worth I believe in you


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