I can do all things who strengthens me

In life challenges were faced, some harder than others

Some affect a person so much as if he became crippled 

Instinct tells us to flee or run into the arms of our mothers

But courage lives in every person, even just a little

Can make the difference between living

under a rock secluded and belittled

or as a champion that lives life higher than a church steeple.

Getting over my fears became my priority

I was scared of having all eyes on me

Multiple obstacles

Insecurity became my constant companion along with anxiety

As a boy, I wanted to get rid of this weight but I cant 

No other choice but to be a man

Stared fear directly in the eyes

Grabbed anxiety tightly and attached him to my side

Never thought of myself as less 

He gave me courage and made a masterpiece out my mess

Throughout he was with me and I felt it within me

I can do all things through God who strengthens me

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