I can't forget

I can't forget the look in your eyes

The long hugs and short kisses good bye

Why? Why did you have to go?

It was said that you was tired and I know that to have been true

But mom I love you, I miss you, and I need you more

More than I did ever before.

It’s hard taking care of everything and everyone on my own

I can’t forget that horrible night, the sirens, and the flashing lights

Those hoisting you into that truck, all on the night the country gives thanks to people like you

And though you are at peace and am happy for that

I can’t forget the laughter, tears, the strength and encouragement you gave me

Mom I just can’t forget you


Belly quivering, throat dry, muscles fatigue

Thoughts running wild like the people of the Detroit riots

Another day another dollar I slave away

Days of hunger in my belly, but my boss won’t know

Because the one they call super-woman won’t let it show

A father and little sister to take care of

I will never forget the look in their eyes when lights and heat was out,

And their belly ache with pain

I can’t forget the long nights of tears and bottles being poured down

I can’t forget the sole purpose of my being now

Selfless I’ll be until every bill is paid, until food is in the fridge, and happiness in their eyes

And then I will have peace too

 I am my mother’s child



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