I don’t know much


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I know that
sometimes when you fall down
you have to stay down for a bit
Because that fall knocked out
Every breath of hope you carried
And you don’t want this world to see you cry
So you keep your face planted in the dirt
And wait for a dry eye
before you can get back up

And I know that
my mother gives some of the worse advice
but she once told me that
everyone who smiles in your face isn’t your friend
And I didn’t listen to her
Because how can such a warm smile
Come from someone I can’t trust?
Then this twisted world smiled in my face
before stabbing 12 inches of
You should’ve listened
In my back
through to my heart

I know that
no matter how many times you say they aren’t
Heartbreak and skinned knees
Are the same
And I’ll still cry
no matter how many ‘I’m okay’
band-aids I have to plaster
to my tattered wounds

I know that
No matter how far I go
With every thought of hate I have
I’ll always have a home here


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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