I don't want to be anonymous





First voice: poets anonymous how may I help you?

I am addicted to poetry many of the symptoms include

1.       Dry throat because I have spit fire multiple time a on a stage

2.       Blood shot eyes because I have stayed up all night writing poetry

3.       I’m always searching for the high

I ride the wave of the crowd

 I am constantly searching for open mics

Frown when I don’t find them

See I get frustrated!

Does anyone know what it feels like?

To happily drink up poetry verses like fuzzy hippos 

With a thought of making your own


I am addicted to poetry

I’ve got crazy inside of me

You might have to peel the skin

Of my head and have a look

At my brain

But you still can’t read my mind

What am I thinking?


I’m thinking that I can

Deliver sweet verses

Just deserts of alliteration

I’m thinking that I might

Just have to go to rehab

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

I seem to find a pen

And a pad of paper

I have three to four journals dedicated to poetry

While in English class

I write rhymes cause I can’t

Stop my hand from fidgeting

From twitching

Aching to write more

I started this poem at 7:44

Pm on a Saturday July 20, 2013

But I want it to never end

The stronger the poem the stronger the high

Does anyone know what that feels like?

I dream of writing poetry for the president

I sometimes start to spit verses without even knowing it

I am addicted to poetry

There’s probably a cure

But I don’t want to find it

I am not going to hide it anymore

I am addicted to poetry

And see where this high takes me

Done at 8:03 P.M. July 20, 2013 





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