I Dreamt the Whole Thing


I woke up feeling tenuous,

The pain of my whole species.

I stood up to find the floor is like a pond, the roof is leaking.

There's a breach in my shelter, I'm only figuratively speaking.

What I mean is we don't live in peace anymore, the fear is slowly defeating.

Who am I to pick apart society, I'm just a creature.

I carry features from my past lives, and resilience for the future.

I wish to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and one day reach my karmasutra,

I hope to undo all that we've done, restore this poor illusion.

We can start by giving helping hands and create a human fusion.

I want to change the way we look at things, create a brighter outlook,

but to project the things we want to see we must provide the output.

I've dreamt of many things, vivid colors, angels that sing,

I woke to realize that all my hopes were just a dream.



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