I Feel....


I feel lost.

Like I could never be found.

Like I'm wandering around in a dry and barren plain. Cut off from civilization and people.

I feel trapped.

Like I've been dropped down into a deep, dark abyss and I'm constantly trying to escape.

But I can never reach the top.

I feel dead.

I'm living, but not alive.

Like a spirit who haunts the Earth because, I couldn't move on.

I feel like I'm suffocating.

Like all the air has been cut off.

And I'm begging for somebody, anybody to give me some oxygen, so I can finally breath.

I feel stupid.

Like I'm never good enough to know the answer.

Like I can never truly understand the things everyone else does, cause I'm not smart enough.

I feel worthless.

Like I could never be one the same level as everyone else.

Like a crab in a bucket. Just when I think I've made it out, I get pulled right back down again.

I feel uncared for.

Cause no one asks me what's wrong.

Cause no one really tries.


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