I had my own dream

​I had a dream
that one day we really could be
what it is we really do see
in ourselves, in the mirror starin back at me
instead of what people wanted to see
someone who is black, somewone who is white
someone who is tan someone who is light
someone ina gang with a knife in their pocket and a gun on their side
someone in the pollos chillin with the chollos
waitin in the night, for their next fight, for their life
but what we want you to see
is everything wer could be, if you teach us right
if you teach us how not to fight
with the guns on our sides and the knuckles that we hide
see i had a dream, that one day, that everyone and everything would react differently
that everyone would see the person that i see
in that mirror starin back at me
a person all the same, see the looks dont matter
the color that you see, cause what if i told you that color that you see wasnt really me
wasnt really what i was meant to be
what if i told you about the dream that i had
where everyone you see
was created and treated equally


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