i love you dearly

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 19:10 -- mdunn

I chased a god I'm not sure existed.

I cried alone at night and thought,

"Where are you god?

Why am I so alone?"


I've been told that heaven

is a blinding white light at first,

then a comfortable glow.

Almost like what I think stars,

or clouds, would feel like

if I could just get high enough.


Then I found god.

But not in a church,

or hospital,

or on the edge of a building.


I found him when I found you.

You were so striking and hypnotizing

when I first met you. Now you are

my comfort, my golden glow.


And when you're not here,

I miss you like an angel

who's lost her way to heaven. 


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