I Stay The Same


It will take you away from your mother
It will feed you, clothe you, & raise you under its wing
It will deceive you into believing you're becoming a man
It will give you anything you want
It will also take everything you have
It will have you murdered
It will have your body shipped to your mother in a wooden box
It will change you
This thing is the Streets.
Thank the lord that I wasn't taken from my mother
Thank the lord that I was raised right and I am able to freely be myself
Thank the lord I still have my father to teach me to become a man
Thank the lord that if I'm loyal and obedient to him I will have anything I want with his blessing
Thank the lord I have everything I need, in my heart I call home
Thank the lord I'm living, I am alive
The lord is leading me to a righteous path
And he won't let me change and fall into the darkness,
He told me to stay the same.


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