I Still Love: Happiness and Me

Just because someone is hurt once

Does not mean they cannot

Love anyone or anything again.


I picked up my first instrument

When I was in the fourth grade.

It was bigger than I was

And difficult to play.


Through many long hour

Of practice and work

I became good enough

For the next step up.


Now to this day I can play eight,

Music is pain, music is light

Music is love, music is life.

Be it the biggest burden of my day,

I still love music, no matter the pain.


I once had a friend

When I was very young.

Of all our age

Our relationship was the best.


Then one day,

Many years later...

She left.


I still see her on occasion,

And though the parting

brought much sorrow,

I still love her.


When I was young,

I decided to write.

Stories seemed a good way

To make my path through life.


Instead of keeping it all bottled inside,

I decided to write it out for everyone's eyes.

Criticism is harsh,

Success is hard to reach,

Yet still to be an author

Is what I love to be.


I once had a friend

Whom I loved as more than so.

We grew closer with growing age

And feelings grew as well.


We became a couple

After much confusion

And though my love was strong,

Something was not quite right,

And so we parted.


The pain we both suffered

Was equal to that of the other;

The love we shared

Had not died there.


It was long before we grew apart

And apart we did drift.

But yet I still love him.


Art is a fickle thing;

It comes in many forms.

Paintings, drawings,

Sketches, ideas

And hardly any of it

Goes quite as planned.


The artist, like me,

Often hates what they see

Thinking only of what

They wanted it to be.


Those around don't quite understand

The pain and problems

The artists face

Though try they might.


Art causes pain

Yet it is still one

Of the many things I love


The once was a boy

That I met very quickly

And I fell for quite quickly as well.

As time went on I came to know

That he loved me also.


Friends we stayed

Through ups and downs

For quite a long while.

Soon without warning

The two of us became quite a pair.


Time went on,

Our love grew,

And then suddenly something

Was not quite right.


We did not fit as we once had

And back to friends we went

From which we did drift,

To what we are now,

I know not.


And yet despite the pain

On both sides,

I still love him.


These things and people

Have all hurt me in a way

But contrary to expectations

I love them all the same.


There are so many more

That I do not care to add;

There are so many more

And I'm grateful for them all the same.


Many people believe

The pain is a wall.

More believe pain

Is the key to it all.


The pain creates growth

And instead of being cruel

Due to the pain I have faced

... I still love.


And all these things

Are just simple,

Simple pleasures

That few care to see,

But in my life

They are what makes me

... Me.


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