As I Walk Along the Beach of my Dreams

A floating Coca-Cola bottle

Driving in a porsche full throttle

Dancing with a European model

Only on the beach of my dreams


I sail across the seven seas

In search of treasure on this beach

But then came the flying bees

Now the treasure I cannot reach

A beautiful mermaid out of the blue

With cotton candy she'd always chew

From Canada to Timbuktu

Came all my men and all my crew


Alas, the storm was about to hit 

A sailor in panic yelled "Oh s***"

The gods were unhappy, were having a fit

You could feel their anguish quite a bit, but

Yet we would not face defeat

I called a beluga whale named Pete

He hurled the ship and finally we'd meet

The syrupy silky sand of the treasure beach


I roamed the beach looking for a chest

Filled with the best of the best of the best

One piece of the puzzle to complete the rest

Of the long-fought journey faced, a test


A ferocious flame flooded the beach

All the trees burned each to each

My treasure I thought would soon be breeched

What saved it so was a flying peach

Alas, the treasure layed in front of my eyes

My heart would beat and filled with pride

After all the pain and all the lies

This achievement would break all ties


A floating Coca-Cola bottle

Driving in a Porsche full throttle

Dancing with a European model

As I walk along the beach of my dreams







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wow... just wow... i don't even know what all i can say about this one, it's absolutely amazing! it's breathtaking, i'm gonna admit, i have a little bit of a poetry crush on you... ;p i love reading your poems so much. they fill me with joy with all the words you put out there, and what you do with same old boring words. they are incredible. i know i've already said that, but they take my breath away!


It means the world that you've read my poetry. I don't want to seem weird but I'm just curious. Are you in HS? If so, which one in what state? Don't answer if you don't want to. You just remind me of someone I knew at my old school. It would be funny if you were her.

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