I Was Just...

I was just a napkin,
Used me once
And throw me away.
I'm tired of the excuses that you make.
You say your my friend, one of the best,
But I'm treated like this,
So I must confess
This doesn't push me away.
Like it does all those girls
I must be crazy
To be in your world
I don't cry when you hurt me
I don't care what you say
I don't understand why
You treat me this way
Call me a napkin
Did you use me
And go away
Are you my friend?
Like you say everyday.
Make those excuses
But I say nothing
Cause I can't hate you
No matter what I'm thinking
I'm leaving you now
And I'm not coming back again
I'm tired of this
All the insults and name calling
I'm ending this now
Tired of being thrown away
But I guess that's the life of a napkin in your way

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