I wonder what it feels like to be heard ...


To be heard as an individual is a blessing.

To move at the OWN beat of your OWN drum instead of stressing.

To beat the statitistics and being able to say "I made it".

To live above the influence when you're told you're not strong enough.

To drop to your knees and pray that everything will be okay , 

even when someone comes and tries to take it away. 

To stay humble and self-confident.

To give when there's nothing in return.

To take on responsibilities that weren't yours to begin with. 

To prove that you're different from the rest of the world.

To love when you've been broken a thousand times.

To trust when a back has been turned on you. 

To want to tell your story and nobody seems to listen.

To scream what you're passionate about with nothing but silence.

I wonder what it feels like to be heard. 


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