I won't be your china doll

Mon, 08/25/2014 - 18:52 -- romanA

When other people live their life through you,

it's almost like studying for a class you did not sign up for.





Learn everything you must about a lifestyle that isn't yours;

You are guaranteed love and acceptance.

''Be yourself,'' they say

''But if you are gay, wear different clothes, or not exactly how we want you to be,

we shall love you less."

I put on the porcelain mask

Gave away all control

Just going through the motions, 

with no emotion.

Becoming their China Doll,

just so they can see me fall.

My former self turning into dust inside my manufactured persona.

But when the paint chips, and the mask cracks, my soul shines through.

My mind is able to breathe again.

The glass may be broken but the dreams are still in tact. 

My true form; a constant reminder that I don't own anyone

and no one owns me.

At that moment, the curtain falls.



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