I would like to think


I would like to think that my body and my face were created specifically for me.

I would like to think that my mind and soul are outlines of my body and face.

That my beauty shines not only in my appearance, but in my nature.

Day in and day out, I see many beautiful faces

but I would like to think that I am an equal amongst the many.

Women are taught to be afraid of their bodies and their forever changing face.

I say no

Embrace your beauty, embrace the change, and always smile.

I would like to think a smile is the best thing you could wear.

I am all my flaws, mistakes, and misplaced trust

But I am also my ambitions, my love, and my friends

l have more depth than the ocean and strength as strong as the wind

My face and body are as natural as the earth

I live a none filtered life, free of makeup, and full of free spirit

I am as beautiful as the sisters, the friends, and the mothers of the world

With and without a filter.

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