I write because


I write because I can express myself freely.

I write because it's a doorway to another world.

I write because it's my form of art.

Writing is my anti-drug.

Expressing myself with no ridicule,

means I can put myself out there.

I can tell it like it is.

I can burn away those fearful demons running through my head,

or release the blissful thoughts of joy.

Either is in extreme abundance which I can share.

Projects that allow a scarred soul to express

is a project that will soar.

Poetry is my way of life,

it is my emotional outlet,

it is my gateway to my own utopia that no one else may enter.

This gateway consumes me.

allows me to be who I am, and

changes my attitude for the better.

I write because it is who I am,

who I was, and who I'm always going to be.

This is why I write.



Beautiful! Keep writing forever please!

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