Icarus and the Leap of Faith

They talk about the sky

Their Minds

The golden glow

Their Hearts

The burning light

Their Wings

The breeze

But never the edge

Never the darkness of that ledge


How ever did Icarus fly without fear?

However, he was filled with joy

How ever did he not think of the fall?

However, he thought of the flight


She was filled with joy


Her wings well fastened

Unaware of the sun

For she was Icarus without the sun

She was not destined to fall

And she was ready to fly


How ever did she find a thrill in this?

However, it did seem quite thrilling

How ever did she begin this flight?

However, there is only now


I cannot.

I must!

I will.


Thinking is nothing

They do not say

It is nothing until it is action

Because that is also thinking

The truth is that








And then there was a landing.


How ever did she do this with such ease?

However, she had flown before

How ever did she fly with such grace?

However, she had passion in her wings


Icarus, for all he flew

Had still fallen in the end

Did he not still fly in the end?

Perhaps he died, but did we let him die really?

We still know his name

Surely he still soars in the burning light


How ever did she do this over and over?

However, she did have passion in her wings

How ever did she fly and fall so effortlessly?

However, she did not fear the burning light


I always had dreamt of the sky

My mind

The golden glow

My heart

The burning light

My wings

The breeze

I fear not the edge

The darkness of that ledge


I may fall

After all that is the price to fly

I will never regret it

For all at once I realized

She is me

And always has been.


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