Id, Ego, Superego: Who, What am I?

So "I think therefore I am",

What a pearly phrase,

Slung 'round and 'round from corner to corner and ear to ear,


Should I walk upon the threshold of my abode or the far corners of the Earth such a

saying never desists,

Everyone screeches it out as if it is some profound wisdom,

But for me I find it profane,


I wish I could put it into my own head to say I am this, I am that,

And I do,

Yet it does me no good,


I sit down in nature and think upon it,

I am no step closer to knowing who I a,

To having an idea to why I am so cold,


To having an idea of my name and its worth,

To understanding why on Earth I'm here,

Why I fear myself,


I have so many questions and so little time,

I have so many answers yet none at all,

It's like I have amnesia or I'm a scarecrow without a brain or a tin man without a heart,



What is it that I need?

Who is there when I look into the looking glass?


A ponderer, A wander, A loon, A madhatter?



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