If I suddenly went broke today..

And I'm not talking undergraduate-broke,
or NYSC-broke...or even working-class

I'm talking Father-of-2-with-a-wife-loves-to-travel-the-world-and-enjoy-the-life-of-her-head-broke.
God forbid...but yea, what IF?
You see, I have this set of skills
that in good times, allow me to earn
(in one week) more than what your
arrogant bank manager takes home
in a month.
Skills that made me back half of
my ticket money while I was in
the air flying to America.
Look, I know my mouth is sweet,
but I wanna help you get results that
are sweeter.
- Teaching you what I know (and do)...
- Holding you by the hand along the way...
For a fee that's less than 1% of
the cost of your entire western education.
And you're about to miss out on
it because you want to use the money
to "do Heaster".
And the offer is closing soon anyway


So tell me something...
Will you grab it, or will it slip from
your hands into the blackhole of regret?
What are you still reading?
Time's ticking.


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