If I were....

If I were.

If I were weak,

I wouldve given up by now,

Surrendered to drugs, illness, demons, devil.

If I were them,

I would've run.

Surely I'm beyond, understanding now,

Too difficult to tolerate, figure out.

If I were society, 

I would've institutionalized me.

Give me a bed and let me be,

Surrender to the crazy,

Give up and let it consume me.

If I were the public,

I'd keep it a secret.

Hide it like dust swept under a rug,

Pretend anxiety disorders don't exist among us.

But what I think is the polar opposite of reality.

I am not weak,

Even on the worst of nights,

I find strength,

To keep fighting.

Because they don't run away,

They stay, 

They love me anyway.....


Together we become power.

Changing society, 

Speaking for those who can't speak,

An army beside the weak.

I can't give up, 

I have too many people behind me.

Too many people keeping me here,

Rescuing me from if I were.... 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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