If the shoe fits...


Put this on.

No No try this.

You'll look more presentable they say.

I was born in a world to stand out,

But no one accepts you unless you fit in.

These shoes you try to fit me in

just dont fit Me.

Wake up, cant you see me

No look closer these ysl sandals wont make me a saint

and those zanottis wont compliment this small busty body.

i am sick of being your stylist,

you'd rather wear those jefferies

paint graffti

but stand up tall and be a lady

understand that these will make you better

so they say.

well If the shoe fits i guess i gotta wear it

travel a million different paths to land me right back in the same space

asking you to just look at me

high heels never will make you a lady they just make you taller

so ill throw on my converses til they talk to me

because these shoes fit me best

they reveal charcteristics that only the simplistics understand

call me basic

but i can paint a thousand of you

while you stare at the one who drew you,



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