Ignorance is Not Bliss


It’s funny how ignorance

S e e p s through brains

Like there’s no other option but hate.


Like it matters what gender

Brenda was,

Or who Sally decides to date.


It’s sickening how

When Bob walks down the street,

He’s not met with love.


But he’s black so


He’s less; he’s a thug.


It’s confusing why Thomas

Gets no jobs

With his art,


Why it offends so much,

Why tattoos

Aren’t “smart”.


It’s sad how Lacey

Is labeled

A whore,


When her whole life

Is now her baby,

And buying diapers at the store.


It’s stupid how Felipe

Gets called



Like it makes him

A bad worker,

And that’s just that.


But what kills me the most,

Is the way people



When you tell them

We’re 99% the same,

And that it’s a legitimate fact.



I wrote this poem in an Advanced Creative Writing class and was happy with the results. :)


I wrote this story in an Advanced Creative Writing class in school and was happy with the results after peer revisions. :)

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