it's pitifully amazing

how people find another outlet

to blame it on for one's failures

they blame it on a powerful 

demonic external force that swarm people's souls like killer bees

and sting it with hatred causing violent self-destructive behavior

philisophical misleads about a role playing fire breathing dragon on ps3 game

symbolizing a representation of a devil

or when you roll up a dollar bill in small pieces

you see smoke in the air portraying images of satan

1st off

stop smoking whatever it is you smoking 

from the block

and 2nd

instead of blaming violent games of illuminati

blame it on the lack of supervision from parents

who are not paying attention to children activities

teach your kid to pick up a pen and write

rather than a gun and shoot

and die before your time like that 14 year old goof

who's blood was spilled on melrose and 149th

the aunt had the audacity in categorize the tragedy to trayvon martin

only difference is

trayvon was packing an ice tea and skittles

the other clown was packing a glock with bullets loaded

with the intent of killing someone

instead of blaming illuminati

let's not only get rid of the guns in the streets

let's unite and end gun violence


stop blaming illuminati

for why your daughter is 12 and lost her virginity

talk to her about not being somebody's bird

and someone's crown jewel


stop blaming illuminati

for your son being in and out of jail the last five years

talk to him about clocking in and out of work

so he can build on his future and provide for his family

rather than invest on which grave he'll be bury to


it's crazy people want to make reference to the bible

but yet, no one talks about lucifer

lucifer is the angel of poetry

words that leave you breathless like

a night of passion that sends a woman 

the chills running up and down her spine

lucifer is the angellic endeavors

that spreads the meaning of life and love

like two old couples still happily married

bringing hope relationship is honored

with love and tenderness

supposedly, illuminati infiltrated evil to lucifer

we're talking more than 500 years ago

and yet it resurfaces to today's society

where today's music promotes violence

and yet, we're dumb enough to download and buy such ignorant poison

saluting to goons who claim to be gangsta

but yet, cry and pour liquor when he's dead

asking dumbfoundedly, what happen

it's illuminati son

no, it's not illuminati

the demonic evil acts is due to not only one's inability 

to speak and think for oneself

it's about having power to make that change for the better

we emphatically choose not to 

and pathetically blame it one everything else (including illuminati), but ourselves










i love it


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you so much

im graciously humble that you love my poem

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