I am able to love you now and there are so many reasons why.

Jumping right in, I remember you were so shy

You spoke with the sofest tone and always sat by yourself

Till one day you finally broke free from your anxiety and actually became your true self. 

I love you for that.

How about all the scars and marks all over your face

  that you swore up and down you wantd to replace?

The times you would watch everything you eat because you feared being too "plump and petite"

Scrolling through your social media watching every other girl you seen just to ask yourself-

Why not me?

However, I recall the moment you finally realzied that inner beauty is what matters

and instead of letting societey dictate what the true definition of beauty is

you learned to love you while letting all of your insecurties shatter

You then realzied that self love is the best love

I love you for that. 










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