I'm Fine


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I’m fine.

I’m good.

I’m okay.

I am not fine.

I am not good.

I am most certainly not okay.

For I am an actor.

With different faces for different places--

I’m an academic socialite

with an affinity for humanity.

I also put on a facade.


But alone,

I quench my emotions.

I dispel those solemn beings.

Those residents of the late night.


But it’s fine.

I’m fine.

All’s good!

I hope you have an awesome day.

Yeah, I’m doing great!

Don’t worry about me.

I’m over stressed.

I have no time to decompress.

It’s raining in my soul

But it’s sunny today!


anyone lived in a pretty how town

with up so floating many bells down

I want to be anyone.

But being someone sounds appealing.

But I am unique and quirky

I don’t need everyone to accept me.

Or do I?

Soul screaming

Accept me

Love me

Cherish me.

But I am me.

No matter.



I’m positive, joyful and caring.

But the mask of stress

The desire to appeal

The pressure to conform

They hide me.

It’s a burden

A damper on my truth.

But I am authentic.

No more hiding.

Music. Art. People.

Friends. Change.

Service. Equality.

Poetry. Rap.


Things I care about.

I am authentic.

No more hiding.

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