But I'm Here

I was born poor

1990 was the year

I was born black and gay

But I'm here


I was slow at developing

Yet fast in the intellectual field

Learning the matters of character

Took longer than climbing a hill


I remember winter nights of my door opened

So the heat could get into my room

For many United States young people it's a hardship

That sounds like 3rd World gloom


I dealt with the pain

Of being gay

In a hostile place

Seeing stats

Of blacks

Specifically African

American men




Hated yet imitated


And yet, I'm here


Because of mere suspicion

Of being gay

I must suffer

What comes my way




Imitation for exploitation

Called faggot and queer

Because of someone else's fear


And yet, I'm here


I made mistakes

Took too many easy routes

Sowed some horrible seeds

And am now, reaping the fruits


And yet, I'm here\


I learned the truth

After 25 years I finally learned the truth


Self-value does not come from our brains

It does not come from our A's

It's not from our money

And it damn sure isn't in the car honey


It's because we exist

We're  one of a kind

And now I want to put a twist

On Ms. Celie's line:


I'm poor; I'm black; I'm gay; I might even be eccentric

But I'm here

Goddammit I'm here

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