I'm in love

I'm in love

She said

The first day she met Bryan


I'm in love

She believed

As she showed me

The dozens of roses


I'm in love

She stated seriously 

When I asked her where the bruises came from


I'm in love

She cried

Tears rolling down her face

When I asked Why to her black eye 


I'm in love

She said

When he started banging on her door

At two a.m.

When he thought that she was with another man


I'm in love

She thought

When he apologized for hurting her

Once again


I'm in love

She screamed

When she realized that she was pregnant


I'm in love

She wailed

When she lost her baby 

To the father's hands


She was in love

I said

The day of her funeral

He had hit her too hard. 






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