I'm Not A Box

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 20:56 -- 15joshb


I ask you

Can you tell me the depths of the sea without diving in?




I ask you this then

How dare you try to define ME without diving into the depths of my being?


For I am a being

Made in the image of God

And formed from the genes of my mother and father


I am not some low life

Whom you can decide to cram into a box

Toss away the key

And declare thats what I am


I know not why the caged bird sings

Because I am not one

Never have been- never will be


I refused to be degraded by the standards you place on me

I am a free man

Living in a free country

Aiming to be whomever I want


Try to stop me I dare you

Come at me with all your might

And I won't be hindered


I'll charge through like a bullet in a gun

Unstoppable and causing havoc wherever I roam


Step in my path and will get smack

Jacked up and thats not my fault because I warned you

For I'm a being of many a emotions, thoughts, and flaws

And to say that your miniscule perception of me could EVER fit in one box in Outlandish


No box in the world could ever hold what I am , who I am, and what I'm going to be

The fact I don't overrun this world is because of my efforts alone


My self worth is enough to conquer any mountain

And if its not I know God's there to push me along

So don't ever try to define me again

For you are nothing more than a simpleton


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