I'M NOT FROM HERE    I'M NOT FROM THERE are you a humane Human.well I am a luminous Luman.I shine a little brighter then bright.I travel a little faster then your speed of light.it so happens that I got caught encased in this body I call Half Pint.don't get me wrong I need to flee but this body I dwell in holds me tight.years ago I gave up my attempts I gave up my fight.so every now and then I close my eyes. for this time that you Humans know as night.falling into what you call dreams, there I recapture my feel when I was of flight.sometimes in these my dreams I get flashes of my destined Light.until that day I try to act Human and keep saying everything will be all right.I sit I wait I try to gain this that you call patients I found the best I could do is write.Oh My God! for that day for that night when I could be set free to return to our home to OUR LOVING LIGHT! ©Half Pint Jan.30, 2017I will give © credits to Half Pintfor he is who you and I know.

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