Imagine A Love

Imagine a love that is wholesome and pure, with no pretenses or thoughts unsure. A love that when it rains, smiles fall from the clouds, and roses bloom where there were weeds before. Imagine a love that is right, a love that completes your sentence with the perfect end, that eats the other half of your abandoned lunch, despite their taste for sandwiches. Imagine a love with days of turmoil, a love that has your stomach in twists and turns, that makes your thoughts burn fire red until the realization is occured that miscommunication is at fault, and gets washed away by reconciling water blue. Imagine a love with endless conversation, a love with snarky jargon and love letters derived from the memories of monarch butterflies on your wedding day, that hilly field that welcomed love. Imagine a love that is never bored, a love that's surprise gift boxes on pillows and silly pranks and fifty-eight pink balloons on your birthday. Imagine a love that's never tired, a love that tosses and turns when you're missing at night, that counts every bird on the telephone pole until you return. Imagine a love that endured, a love that endlessly adores your exquisite figure, a smile that still glows to hear your bubbly giggles. Imagine a love that lives on, a love that last even when you're gone. Rose petals on a white marble grave. Imagine you and your own share that love. 


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