Imagine What?

 Yeah they aren't going to trust you, they use to what they see. How that makes you feel. Vice versa Imagine coming from somewhere they think other wise. Imagine being looked at wrong, like you Disgusted, Imagine your blood saying they can't trust , they can't trust your own words. Imagine thinking you a good girl and they look at you different. Imagine sitting here quiet writing these Lyrics That I drop from my breath of my mouth. Imagine this planet stop spinning whats going to happen next. Does my words mean anything that I spit on these paper. Imagine feeling alone having no one to trust you but your self and you believe in your self. They Say " I Got all the questions where the answers?. Imgaine being put down and their no one to bring you up. Imgaine no one knowing yours dreams that you willing to succeed. Yeah, Im the youngest put with pressure, Let me drop it Each and every day they judge me I sit down quiet with no feelings in my chest should I care or not. All this stressing I should have a ball head caring about the next that aint helping with nothing. Wishing my future was brighter , My life so real having fake friends in your face aint that a thrill. Oh I meant to say both, bloods and fake friends.Giggles yall don't know the life that im in right now all i can try to put a smile on this face. God answer my blessing , he showig me step by step, little by little, only god can judge me


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