Incoherent on occasions

Unknowing in many situations

Annoyed by trivial complications

Is how I see myself on most things but still I will have patience

I can be the murky water that strangely tastes so sweet

Or the mud that holds gold beneath

I can be a cloud that remains still

But with a gust of wind I can destroy what took so long to build

I can be the tree that stands tall

Or I can be the first one to fall

Changing with each season

Hoping you believe in

Me without reason

I can be all these things

I can be what you want

For we all change based on what we’re taught

Until then

I am

A young man who has much to learn

Who is stern on what he earns

I am

The one who stands tall for what he believes in

A young man who is not easily weakened

I am

The one that will keep moving

praying that  my voice will be soothing

For all the sore ears that have been abused

For I am the instrument, the piece, the tool

For my one and only God to use.

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