Inner Thoughts

"Stay calm maybe tomorrow will be better,"

Maybe the girls won't make your life more of a living hell

Maybe they'll stop trying to make others hate you,

Stop them from being your friend.

"Stay calm maybe tomorrow will be better,"

I mean why should you complain;

You have a boyfriend that loves you,

Who listens to you, helps you, pushes you enough to go out there again.

So what is stopping you?

Is it the fact that once you get close to people they disappear

Or turn against you?

Or is it because you've been bullied two other times prior

And it's just better to stay in the shadows.

"Stay calm maybe tomorrow will be better."

Oh no... What is this?

Tears rolling down you cheek?

Maria, you can't let them see you cry, let me help...

Think of another type of pain so you don't have to think of this one.

"Stay calm maybe tomorrow will be better."

But while you're waiting just be the quietest you've ever been,

Go to class, have a smile on your face, pretend like your body is not shaking from all the stress ad anxiety you get from those girls.

You never know maybe the next group won't be as mean as the last.

Are you concentrating on the pain coming from your hand?

Look at the marks you left for yourself

"Stay calm maybe tomorrow will be better."

Remind yourself of this pain,

Instead of the isolation, the rumors, the side commentst,

She's such a bitch!

She's annoying!

You'll be dodging a bullet by not talking to her!

I guess that's still not working huh?

Well how about this,

Think of a beautiful string that can end all your miseries,

And think about the girls finding you like that and know that this is what their torment came to.

There's so much more waiting for you in the other side.

Papi Monfi, Eugenio, Maria Isabel, and so much more who care about you than in this life.

I sense a hesitation,

You don't want to leave your family,

I understand,

so why don't we make a compromise.

Every time these thoughts creep back up

Play a game on your phone,

Or watch an episode or two

Their lives seem more interesting than yours,

Even if it isn't real.

You're almost done in the wretched place we call high school.

And let's give this life another shot!

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