Inner truth

Little girl, little girl, little girl, why do you hide?

You hide from love and you hide from trust, why is that my little girl?

You have so many friends and a lover, but why do you tuck yourself in the darkest corner of your mind and heart? 

You seek help, but you back down once help is provided, why is that?

In your heart you had the love of so many family members and strangers. Stranger's in which you called "mama", but in the end those strangers left you. Why is that?

You called your family members "family", but they ostracized you and your sister, because of your parent's past mistakes. So many fake people around you. yes so many you have endured a lot, but have kept your mind open. Anyone can get close to you, and be your friend, or lover, but on the hand your heart is cold, locked, solid, and sealed. You have lost your trust in people, that is why your beliefs are dim, and in your heart it will always be you and God against the world. 

Little girl, little girl, little girl, you hide because you have seen and felt people's hate, and in order to get away, you seal yourself away. You create a whole different person to connect with people, and society, but underneath all the lies, you will always have the baggage you have endured.

Why do you hide little girl?

"I hide because I am scared of people's feelings and their actions"




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