inpiring myself

an undergrad seeking a diploma to succeed

the money for college is outrageous and it's one thing that I need

I haven't written a poem since English 1302

and now I'm writing one to inspire me and you

working 40 hours a week as a server and struggling with bills

a load off my back would be a sure thrill

I have an inspiring tick inside my head to walk the stage

A Bachelor's in Business Management one day

the tick will never end, it's something that must be done

I've watched many others do it, they've already won

No Financial Aid this year, paying out of my pocket

the pressure is real, who would have thought it?

I'd love to have the push I need to furthur my education

I'm asking for a little help so I can change the nation

they say those who ask for help are weak

but I know it takes another to help one learn how to speak

it takes millions of people to change the world, not just one

Our journey to inspire has simply just begun








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