Insecurities can equal fear but fear can also equal inspiration

The one thing I would always fear.
The one thing everyone fears.
My Skin...
The bumps and scars on my skin reminded me of how I can never have clear or smooth skin.
My Weight...
Makes me feel insecure about most of the clothes I wear or want to wear.
My Hair...
"What can I do with it?!" I would ask myself as my friend's style and dye theirs.
My insecurities equal my anxiety.
They equal my fear.
They clog up my mind and remind me of people's opinions.
Of what people will say.
Which not only makes me feel anxious.
Also makes me scared.
Scared that those words will criticize me into someone I'm not.
How can I face my insecurities?
How can I face those thoughts that keep me in the dark part of my mind that never seems to want to let me escape!?
Tell me how to face my fears!!
I'll tell you how...
My Hair?
Makes me think about how blessed I am to have some and go out ignoring the haters who have a problem with whatever I do with it.
My Weight?
May I say something harsh but I know that I am cute and healthy as ever!
My Skin?
Is as radiant as everyone else's including my friends. Like in one of Alessia Cara songs, "Scars to your beautiful"
My Anxiety...
Should not stop or control me of how much I love myself
Because in the end.
This was all on my head.
You can face your fear by:
Talking about them
Confronting them.
You can use the fear that you have
And use it as in inspiration
For a positive outcome, instead...
Of a negative outcome.
Because if I can face my fear?
I know you can too.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Hope you enjoy!! I tried my best!!

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